Frequently Asked Questions



What is a Fractional CFO?                          

General Information 

Q: What Is a Fractional CFO? 

A: A fractional CFO is an experienced senior executive, who works for you a fraction of full-time (thus the term “fractional”). S/he is a part-time member of your leadership team, working the amount of time that fit your needs and budget.    

Q: So what does a Fractional CFO do?  

A: A Fractional CFO takes on responsibility for leadership areas you need help with. For some, the focus is only on finance. Others want strategic planning and operations help along with finance.   

Q: What’s the difference between outsource CFO, interim CFO and Fractional CFO?  

A: It is a fine distinction. An outsource CFO isn’t part of your team, and an interim CFO only fills a need for a short while. A Fractional CFO is part of your team but only works part-time in your business, so you get the expertise but not the drain on resources. A Fractional CFO is your focused CFO, just one who isn’t there full-time.    

Specific to My Fractional CFO  

Q: How do you represent yourself to others?  

A: I’m a totally committed member of your leadership team. I am your CFO. You provide with me with a company email account, print business cards and add me to the leadership team on your website. To employees, customers, vendors and other stakeholders (i.e. the bank and investors), I am your CFO.    

Q: What’s it cost? 

A: I’m on a fixed monthly retainer for the fractional amount you select (ongoing one day per week, etc). Since I’m not on an hourly fee structure (like your attorney or tax advisor), you don’t need to worry about quarter-hour billings for a phone call when you need to talk with me.


Q: Does the fee ever change? 

A: My fee structure is set. Your needs for my services may change over time. Some months 1 day per week is plenty. At other times (period end, transaction, bank renewal, audit) it will increase or decrease.


Q: How much time is spent on-site?

A: There is no set percentage. Meeting with you and your staff is mostly done on-site. Much of the analysis and preparation can either be done on-site or at my office. Regardless of what the percentage is, I will do what it takes to get the job completed.   

Q: Are there particular industries you work in? 

A: The CFO role is more about business than a particular industry. For that reason, I work across all industries, including manufacturing, distribution, retail and professional services.That being said, most of my experience is with small/medium-sized businesses and non-profits.