Recommendations - My Fractional CFO

"Genius Simple!"

Dan has a unique combination of CFO & COO operating experience. Not only does he understand the numbers he also understands business. When it comes to strategic planning, establishing goals for organic growth or establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) he has the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve results. His practical approach to the CFO Quotient is genius simple. He takes the complex world of finance & operations and breaks it down to a simple road map for business leadership. Rarely do you find an individual with Dan's skill set available available to work with small/medium business. MyFractionalCFO provides enterprise level experience for only the time needed. Absolutely Brilliant! 

John Givens, CEO

Source Office & Technology  

"Exceptional Understanding"

 I have worked with Dan as my customer for 8 years, he is an excellent CFO. I work with numerous small to midsize companies and have found that Dan is exceptional in his understanding of managing financial topics, operations as they pertain to financial results, long term strategic budgeting and maximizing capital resources. Dan's communication skills with internal and external associates are exceptional and I have always found him to be well respected by his peers and associates. I highly recommend considering Dan for financial management expertise. 

Braiden Darley

President, Martin Darley Independent Brokers, Inc.

"Straight Forward Communication"

 Dan is extremely well suited for the work he is doing now due to my experience and relationship with him in the past. He informally consulted on various CFO and accounting issues for me as we worked for "sister" companies. Dan's approach and communication are both straight forward and he simplified concepts for me in a logical and efficient manner. He brings common sense and business sense to issues and process. I highly recommend Dan in his new role. 

Joel Levine

President/CEO, RFMW Ltd.

"Positive Personality"

I have worked with Dan while he held roles as CFO at multiple organizations. Have always found him professional, easy to work with, sharp, and able to quickly make a business impact. His positive personality creates an enjoyable work environment and leading to exceptional results. I absolutely would recommend Dan for a financial leadership role or consulting arrangement. 

Ben Goldberg

CEO, Aurico - a career builder company

"Transformational CFO"

Dan is a transformational CFO and business leader who has the unique ability to proactively identify business issues and be a trusted advisor who helps drive business profitability. Dan and I worked together, across the table, in the CFO/Banker relationship. I was particularly impressed by Dan’s ability to explain and provide color to support complex financial strategies, trends and controls. Dan has the ability to successfully engage crucial conversations necessary for a successful CFO. Dan would be an asset and add value to any Company looking for honest, forward thinking and reliable advice. 

Justin Carter

Vice President

Vectra Bank Colorado

"Listens Intently"

I had the pleasure of working with Dan Miller from mid 2012 through mid 2015 as a partner to Component Distributors Inc. Dan's general demeanor is friendly, thoughtful, welcoming, and unassuming yet, his presence is strong in that he listens intently and contributes very knowledgeably as necessary, all the while taking note of things that need to be done. Behind the scenes, I don't know too many people who so prolifically get things done with as much detail as Dan... and on his own accord. On a personal level, Dan never misses a beat keeping connected with his peers. Dan is an invaluable asset to any organization. 

Jaime Chavez

CEO/Producer, Lighting Design

"Excellent Communication Skills"

I have had the pleasure of working with Dan Miller for the past three years providing service as his collection agency. Dan has excellent communication skills, shows great leadership, and a good understanding of how our services could benefit his company. It's been a pleasure working with Dan. 

Justin Cudnik

Sales Rep, Millenium Collection

"Coach and Mentor to his team"

 During a season of my career as an audit manager, I had the opportunity to lead an audit of a manufacturing company in which Dan was the CFO. The company was relatively new. Such companies generally present audit challenges and policies, procedures, reconciliations and documentation are the last to be put in place. Under Dan's leadership, we did not have these concerns on our audit team. Dan had brought order into the typical chaos existing in new start ups and provided an "auditable" set of records. His hands on oversight of accounting processes along with his understanding of the company' strategic direction were instrumental in providing the support for our audit analysis and testing. He had the ability to replicate vision to detail in this company from skills he had obtained throughout his career. He employed well thought out approaches and helped coach and mentor his team to align with the direction of his department and the company. 

Jim Altman

Financial and Operational Strategist, Builders

"On Time and On Budget"

It was back in early 2015 when I first met Dan. My firm was task to implement Intacct working with Dan and his team. We completed the project on time and on budget. Dan understood both functional and technical processes very quickly. Dan was great to work with and continue supporting him and his team at CDI since. I would recommend Dan for his deep knowledge of finance, accounting, and system in addition very pleasant to work with. 

Andrew  Chan

Senior Manager, Intacct Implementation

"Dan gets things done"

Dan is an excellent choice for CFO work. He is great at digging in and finding solutions. Hard working, committed, and focused, Dan knows how to get things done. On top of all of that, he is a really great guy. 

Jeffrey McBride

VP Commercial, U.S.Bank

"Asset to Company of Any Size"

 Dan has a ideal mix of personal strengths and qualities that make him an great candidate for developing or overseeing the financial strategy of a growing company. I became acquainted and eventually a trusted partner and resource to Dan over the last few years, helping to support the credit insurance policy utilized as part of his overall credit management strategy.

Dan brings years of experience, financial knowledge and foresight, and an overall understanding of strategic business development to the table, and would be an asset to a company of any size. 

Jennifer Garvey

Trade Risk Partners, Inc.

"Attentive Individual"

"Dan is a very attentive individual and can adapt well to specific circumstances surrounding your business. He has been a very trusted advisor over the past few years." 

Chris Daues

"Not at this level by accident"

 From my experience of working with Mr. Dan Miller I noticed how knowledgable he is when it comes to the language of the business. The language of business being the financial and accounting aspects that keep the wheels turning for company that does over $100 million in annual revenue. You do not get to this level by accident. You get to this level by delivering superb results to your organization.

In addition to his elite level of knowledge and experience, Mr. Miller also has tremendous communication skills. He understands how to connect with others and add value to their unique situation. This combination is very rare to find, which makes him that much more valuable.

I would highly recommend Mr. Miller to companies/organizations looking for a strategic partner, leadership, and/or financial consulting. 

Brendan Coughlin, Director of Sales

Allianz Consulting Services

"Readily Available and Approachable"

 Dan and I worked together when I was a territory manager and he was the CFO. It was such a welcome change for me to have my CFO be so available to work with me on customer situations. He was also responsible for all company benefits, and was always available to answer any questions that I had regarding all HR topics.

But more than that, he was great at understanding the big picture, and relating to others in the organization, helping them to be aware of how their part fit in, and guiding the company culture so that all employees felt included.

It was great to have a member of the company leadership team so readily available and approachable. 

Adi Lavi, Major Account Executive

"Clear and Precise Manner"

I personally have worked with Dan for the last number of years and found him to be a shrewd negotiator who always negotiated in a fair and responsible manner that insured that the agreed upon deal was fair for both sides. I found he communicated in a clear and precise manner what his needs were which made it easy to collaborate with him to meet those needs. Dan had an ability to not only seek out solutions that would meet his needs today but also the foresight to expand and grow his business for the future. 

Evan Kestenberg, Senior Account Executive

"Thoughtful, Ethical, Energetic and Thorough"

I've known Dan for over ten years. He is knowledgeable about many areas of business and types of businesses. I always found him to be thoughtful, ethical, energetic, thorough, and a good team member. I believe he works well with a variety of people. 

Robert Pipkin, Senior Vice President and Principal, Fuller Real Estate

"Honest and Straightforward"

I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Dan Miller. Based on our professional association during my time with Component Distributors, Inc., and our continuing friendship over the past eight years, I would recommend him without reservation.  

I've found Mr. Miller to be honest and straightforward in his approach to his work, business, family and friends. He has demonstrated a high degree of loyalty and trustworthiness to his work and to his associates and has carried out his obligations and projects with vigor and resolve. He was often the "point person" that many of us would go to with questions.  

He believes in giving an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. He will certainly be an asset to any group with which he associates, as he is valued in high regard by his friends and colleagues alike. Any company he chooses to be a part of would be lucky to have him on their team.  

Jennifer Creger, Inside Sales

"Dan's Custom Financial Reports"

Dan and I worked closely together for the first 5+ years of my career at CDI. Dan proved to be a valuable resource for not only financial and HR matters, but also with personal and career advice. Dan's strength is in his ability to listen and uncover the underlying need, then providing or recommending a solution.

I used Dan's numerous custom financial reports during our time working together. These reports were instrumental in understanding the financial health of my business unit, and were delivered accurately and on-time. Dan was also open to customization requests or improvement suggestions, and usually delivered on those requests the same day.

I hope to work with Dan again in the future.

Doug Slansky, Vice President and General Manager, RF Business Unit, Component Distributors, Inc. 

"Deep understanding of Financial Tools"

 Dan Miller was a fantastic manager and talented CFO to work with. His door was always open and he took a genuine interest in his co-worker’s and employee’s lives. It was rare for a day to go by that I didn’t find myself laughing at one of his jokes. He has a deep understanding of financial tools and could easily explain them in layman’s terms. 

Corey Moraign, Project Coordinator, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

"Multiple years and areas of expertise"

Dan has been a pleasure to work with and can lend his multiple years and areas of expertise to help in the operations and growth of any business. 

Natalie McDonald, Senior Business Consultant, Nextep

"Integral to Our Success?

As a CFO Dan Miller understood the bigger picture, and definitely from a "Sales" perspective. The great part of working with Dan was that he is very approachable to talk strategically, discussing the customer's needs. He has a great wealth of personal experience and tapping into his understanding of how to strategically position ourselves to show real value to our customers was very intregral to the success we achieved. I always found myself in conversations with Dan to find a way to keep Component Distributors relevant and competitive. 

Mark Kubiak

Field Application Engineer / Territory Sales 

"Excellent Business Partner"

Dan Miller was an excellent business partner during his time at Component Distributors. Our partnership was based on consistent consulting allowing us be proactive on our approach, seldom having to be reactive. As a result this helped us to continuously identify business needs and provide the needed solutions, while positively impacting the bottom line. 

Terrence Lawver,

Strategic Sales Executive, Fedex